Golden Age of Test Flight
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The Golden Age of Test Flight

by Mike Machat #108 of 1,000


This piece has been a lot of fun. I originally bought the Mike Machat lithograph in Lancaster at the Gathering of Eagles in 2001. That night I started adding signatures, and I am still going. My inspiration is Mike Quinn. His version of this print is phenomenal. These signatures are all from meeting people in person and I look forward to adding more and more to it over the years.



Buzz Aldrin


Joe Engle


Louis Setter


Jack Allavie


Merv Evenson


Doug Shane


Harry Andonian


Gordon Fullerton


Roger Smith


Johnny Armstrong


Fitz Fulton


John Smyth


Hank Beaird


Bob Gilliland


Don Sorlie


Alan Bean


John Griffith


Fred Stoliker


Doug Benjamin


Bob Hoey


Dick Thomas


Brian Binnie


 Bob Hoover


Bob Titus


Charlie Bock


Joe Kerwin


Richard Truly


Vance Brand


Pete Knight


Bill Weaver


Stan Butchart


Fred Knox


Paul Weitz


Bill Campbell


Jack Lousma


Al White


Bob Cardenas


Don Mallick


Chuck Yeager


Scott Carpenter


Tom McMurtry




Gene Cernan


Ray McPherson




Ken Chilstrom


Mike Melvill




Joe Cotton


Edgar Mitchell




Bob Crippen


Thomas Morganfeld




Scott Crossfield


Wilbert Pearson




Walt Cunningham


JJ Quinn




Bill Dana


Bob Riedenauer




Jimmy Doolittle III


Joe Rogers




Charlie Duke


Ed Schneider




Ken Dyson


Rusty Schweickart




Jim Eastham


Dave Scott